Specialist Care Facility, Huddersfield Road

A new 40 Bed Specialist Care Unit and independent living bungalow with associated access road, car-parking and landscaping. The main facility will consist of 4 units, each with 10no. beds, dining room, quiet rooms and lounge areas. Communal facilities within the building will include training rooms, HUB and therapy rooms. The development will provide care for residents with a range of complex needs and has been designed to provide a homely environment that allows residents to feel independent, empowered and inspired.

The main facility is located to the north of the site as an L shape building, with the west wing three storey, and the right wing two storey. This design relates to the topography of the site with the two storey element opposite the existing two storey residential units on Huddersfield Road and the three storey on Woodside Road.

The bungalow is designed and used as a more independent living unit for the site. The site will be landscaped with communal gardens and have a secure boundary fence around the main building.

Client:Exemplar Healthcare Ltd
Contractor:Walter Thompson Contractors Ltd
Service: Architecture
Sector: Living