About Watson Batty Architects

Our Ethos & Values

We’ve built our valued reputation by upholding our guiding principles and core values

Our four guiding principles ensure we never lose sight of what makes us a successful and respected practice that provides outstanding service to clients:

Providing measurable value
We create spaces that work. It’s not enough for architecture to have a positive visual impact. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective, feasible design solutions that are buildable, functional and well-detailed.

Reliable and professional
Our clients don’t just know us, they trust us. Our broad experience and our unbending commitment to deliver are two reasons why we have client relationships that span three decades.



Great to work with
We work openly and with energy. We believe the design process should be collaborative and enjoyable. Listening and understanding always come first. And as a project progresses, free-flowing communication remains central to its success.

We never stand still. Technologies and processes in our industry are constantly evolving and improving, and we readily adapt to offer our clients the best possible service. The need to push the boundaries of our capability is central to our ethos.

Memorable, meaningful and motivating, our core values are the fundamental qualities of our business and brand that we live and breathe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strive to ensure our part in CSR is brought to the attention of our staff at all times

As a practice, we recognise the importance of approaching Corporate Social Responsibility in a coordinated and committed manner to make a positive impact to our clients, the community, our partners and the environment.

Through our culture, our work in the community and both our environmental and ethical policies, we strive to ensure our part in CSR is brought to the attention of our staff at all times. We encourage the utmost efforts both as individuals and as a company to operate in an ethical manner, both currently and as a future focus of the practice.

The nature of our work makes our impact on the environment at the forefront of how we operate, and we subscribe to the concept of environmentally aware design, supporting the activities of the entire development team in meeting this objective. Through our design approach, we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and raising awareness of this among our staff, external clients, subcontractors and suppliers. Furthermore, it is in our best interest to achieve client satisfaction and retention through a commitment to policies of good practice and service and adhere to Statutory and Regulatory requirements in doing so.

Being future focused, we value diversity in the workplace and believe in caring for our employees and work experience students, encouraging continual learning and development opportunities across the business. As a firm, and as individual staff members, we understand the significant impact we can have on the community and are therefore dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society both through financial and active support.

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