Pen-y-ghent Building, Craven College

Craven College’s Aireville campus is the hub for their 16-18-year-old students. Prior to the new development, students and staff were either housed in buildings dating back to the sixties or temporary accommodation. To help improve the situation, the government awarded the College £1m in funding, to be matched by £2m of their own.

The visionary purpose of the new accommodation is to enrich the main programmes of study with enterprise skills, preparing students for entrepreneurship, innovation and business creation.

Facilities for students with learning difficulties and disabilities were central to the proposal

The new 2,200 m² classroom building provides much needed teaching accommodation across various disciplines, including Business Studies, IT, Tourism, Sciences and Special Needs. In addition, a state-of-the-art auditorium facilitates a range of uses, including examinations and drama productions.

The new development consolidates a number of tired and temporary buildings on the Aireville Campus. This process has enabled the internal remodelling of the oldest and largest accommodation block on the site, hugely improving its efficiency and user-friendly qualities.

Specialist facilities for students with learning difficulties and disabilities were central to the proposal, with the need for accessibility guiding design.

This exceptional new building gives Craven College access to high-quality teaching accommodation on its main campus and embeds the latest technology to enrich the learning experience. As a hub for enterprise, it also complements the economic regeneration of the area.

And, while improving the overall appearance of the campus, the development also reduces running costs and increases energy efficiency.

Client:Craven College
Contractor:Triton Construction Ltd.
Service: Architecture
Sector: Learning