Kirklees Excellent Homes For Life PFI

Where efficiency meets equality

Kirklees Excellent Homes for Life PFI comprises ‘general needs’ and wheelchair accessible new build flats across 29 different sites within the Kirklees area.

These 400 homes have been designed to meet the long-term needs of residents. And by achieving good space standards, we are enabling flexible use by the building’s future occupants.

This is the largest scheme to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.

The focusing factors of this project were efficiency in capital expenditure, lifecycle costings and long-term ease of maintenance. It was established at an early stage that standardisation of product, specification and layout would contribute significantly to these efficiencies. We were instrumental in developing a portfolio of standard flat types that would satisfy the need for such standardisation.

Some sites of the PFI are categorised as ‘extra care’ facilities, and these have been designed by others. As part of the joined-up working protocol, we’ve adopted many of the same design principles, specification and details.

This is a project with an unusually large number of stakeholders. Nevertheless, clear and fluid communication has been maintained by careful coordination and strict adherence to robust procedures.

The separate planning applications for each site ran concurrently, and we obtained approval for 100% of the units submitted. An equally noteworthy fact is that this is the largest scheme to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Level 4.

Client:Wates Living Space
Contractor:Wates Living Space
Service: Architecture
Sector: Living