Iveson Primary School

Watson Batty Architects has helped to facilitate a 15-place increase intake from 1.5 FE to 2.0 FE at Iveson Primary School in Leeds. This has been achieved through the clever re-organisation and re-modelling of internal and external spaces and was carefully phased to enable the school to function safely and continuously during the entire build.

The internal works include the conversion of an existing hall into 2 new classroom spaces, opening-up ancillary rooms and combining with under-used circulation space to create 2 new separate KS1 and KS2 learning resource areas, opening-up rooms to form one large open plan staffroom space, re-organising and bringing up to standard the KS1 washroom and cloakroom facilities, improving visibility between the Early Years classrooms and their associated toilet and cloakroom spaces, enlarging the dining room and re-fitting the kitchen along with replacement rooftop mounted plant.

The external works include the provision of additional car park spaces, improved external vehicle routes to enable refuse vehicle and fire appliance access and turning, a new pedestrian route from the site entrance to the main entrance segregated from vehicles by fencing, and new ramps and steps to improve accessibility around the site.

Replacement heating, lighting and power along with new ceiling finishes and a general refresh of internal finishes has given the 1960s building a bright new lease of life. Simple interventions like reducing external ground levels, replacing single glazed windows and opening-up redundant high level classroom windows have helped to eliminate damp issues and generally enhance the environmental conditions within the building.

Client:Leeds Children Services
Contractor:Henry Boot Construction Ltd
Service: Architecture
Sector: Learning