Beech Farm

Entwined with the landscape

Set within the heart of the old, estate-owned village of Farnley Tyas, the Beech Farm development offered us an exciting opportunity to design and develop an outstanding, bespoke residential scheme.

We developed an architectural handbook as a design reference tool

The historic ‘urban grain’ of the village dictated the overall form of the development. The factors we considered included the existing ratio of building form to open space and the established relationships between buildings, roads and viewing corridors. As a consequence, our proposals were distinctive yet ‘stitched in’ with the local vernacular.

The site was subdivided into smaller pockets of building, known as ‘paddocks’. These individually designed units are dynamically linked via ‘ribbons’ of shared soft-scape, creating a rich tapestry of seamless landscaping. Each paddock demonstrates a different architectural style, responding to its historic plot shape, size and the rhythm of the village. To help unify these individual units, we developed an architectural handbook as a design reference tool. It provides a subtle palette of materials, details and colours while ensuring a consistently high level of quality to facilitate the planning approval process.

Client:Radcliffe Developments (Farnley) Ltd
Contractor:Proctor Brothers (Bradford) Ltd
Service: Architecture
Sector: Living