Keighley Bus Station

A long overdue redevelopment

This new landmark bus station in the heart of Keighley replaces an original facility dating from the 1960s.

The works comprised the demolition of the outmoded bus station and offices, as well as the removal of the bus shelters and waiting areas.

Alterations to road layouts helped to  rationalise this restricted site.

The town centre location, adjacent to the main shopping area, raised a major health and safety issue, in terms of the segregation of buses, pedestrians and general traffic. To improve the situation, the new station operates on a system known as Drive In Reverse Out (DIRO), superseding the original drive-through facility. It helps to reduce pedestrian accidents by replacing the traditional layout of passenger islands surrounded by bus lanes with a larger, single concourse. In addition, significant alterations to road layouts helped to rationalise this restricted site. Consideration has also been given to disabled passengers through the modulation of internal spaces. The use of contrasting colours and changes in floor gradients help to highlight the position for bus stops for the visually impaired.

The building is constructed from glass, steel and local stone, creating a light and spacious feel while remaining sensitive to the local vernacular. Internal curved and inverted arches make for a unique and memorable facade while the fully glazed elevation allows passengers a clear view of the concourse.

As a complex town centre project, it required the cooperation of a variety of interested parties. Carefully managed collaboration ensured that the scheme’s implementation was successful and all objectives were reached.

Client:West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro)
Contractor:P.S. Turner Ltd
Service: Architecture
Sector: Transport