NPAS Robin Hood

New aircraft facility for NPAS (National Police Air Service) to store and operate fixed wing surveillance aircraft.

The National Police Air Service provides borderless air support to the 43 police forces of England and Wales and carries out tasks such as searching for missing people, critical incidents, operational follows and vehicle pursuits and more.

The new Aircraft facility for NPAS (National Police Air Service) is a relocation from a smaller facility in the area and is to operate fixed wing surveillance aircraft.
The facility consists of a modular tensile fabric hangar to store and maintain up to 6 aircraft and wrapped round this on 2no sides is a single storey modular build type accommodation unit for engineering, operations, welfare and training.

The external works consist of a carpark for 19 vehicles, bin store, perimeter security fencing, sliding entrance gate, aircraft apron to CAA airport standards, aircraft fuel storage tank with re fuelling stations to CAA airport standards and general circulation for emergency escape.

The project team worked well together and NPAS are very happy with the completed facility.

Client:NPAS (National Police Air Service)
Service: Architecture
Sector: Transport