Major expansion for seafood supplier

Our expertise here lies in understanding the client and their operational need, and working together to co-ordinate the design and construction team with key specialist suppliers and stakeholders, to ensure the building and the equipment it contains can be installed, commissioned, and brought into operation smoothly, safely, and in line with stringent food manufacturing standards and legislation.

Our latest specialist scheme is for an expansion of FALFISH LIMITED in the Southwest of England, part of the Myton Group and a major supplier of seafood to Morrisons. Falfish operates several fishing vessels, with a focus on the famed Cornish Sardine. To support their recently increased fishing capacity, this project is for the expansion and upgrade of their existing facilities.

The project will revolutionise how Falfish grades, freezes, and packs Cornish Sardines and other seafood; and involves the installation of innovative multi-lane processing fish intake lines, grading system, impingement freezer tunnel, packing and palletisation. Ammonia refrigeration plant with zero global warming potential will be installed providing significant uplift in output to supply capacity to UK and export markets. The new equipment – supplied by Nordic specialist manufacturer Skaginn 3X – will enable an increase in the processing capacity to 184 tons per day of high quality individually quick-frozen Sardines and other pelagic species.

The total production target is predicted to grow from 4,000 tons annually to 11,000 tons annually within 3 years. This project also supports the building of two new purpose-built ring netter Sardine Fishing vessels which will be based in the ports of Newlyn and Mevagissey, in addition to the current five long-term partner boats, ready for the Summer 2024 Cornish Sardine fishing season.



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