Appointment to Innovation Chain North Framework

We’re pleased to announce that we have been successfully appointed to the £1.5 billion Innovation Chain North Framework.

Watson Batty Architects has been appointed by Great Places Housing Group to its Innovation Chain North (ICN) framework of contractors and consultants for the next 4 years. The £1.5 billion framework has been designed to support delivery of new homes across the North of England, not only to support Great Places’ affordable development programme but also other Housing Associations operating across the north of England.

One of the 103 contractors and consultants from the 206 that applied to be successful, Watson Batty Architects were selected based on technical competence, price and commitment to social value. Richard Merrills, Director at Watson Batty Architects, said, “Our successful appointment to the ICN Framework, for both Architecture and CDM Principal Designer roles, represents a glowing endorsement of our skills, capacity and past experience in delivering affordable housing throughout the North of England. We welcome the opportunity to apply those strengths on forthcoming schemes procured through the framework.”

Joanne Whitehead, Great Places’ Development Performance Manager, responsible for managing the framework, added, “We are delighted to be working with Watson Batty Architects on our new ICN framework. We are confident they will be able to work with us and the clients of ICN in delivering the sector’s extensive development ambitions in the North.” The new £1.5 billion framework will run until June 2028.

For a full list of all the successful companies visit


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