Architectural Technologist

Will Bakes


“I am always up for a challenging scheme!”

I joined Watson Batty in July 2015.

I’m an architectural technologist in the living/later living & care team. People sometimes think that working on residential schemes will be mundane, but I find it throws new challenges at me daily. Our listed building conversion projects require careful thought to create the bespoke layouts and manage the fine detailing.

I enjoyed technical drawing from a young age and knew architecture would form my career once I started my apprenticeship.


I have always been interested in structural assembly, so beautiful detailing is my strongest skill. I love the sense of achievement when I’ve neatly resolved a tricky area.

The introduction of the overheating regulations may mean that a client’s standard house type could now pass or fail due to the dwelling’s site orientation. To mitigate arising issues, we will increase our design work in the pre-planning stages.


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