Regional Director

Rima Yousif

BSc (Hons) RIBA

“I create people-centred spaces that consider the wellbeing of the user.”

I joined Watson Batty in October 2009.

I am a regional director in the East Midlands leading the delivery of major sports and leisure developments and managing our internal design forum.

I became an architect to follow my passion and benefit everyone in society. Working on schemes in all sectors since 1994, my expertise lies in crafting community venues that inspire people to be creative, to challenge, and to excel.



In our collective mission to minimise global warming, we must embrace new technological opportunities. We are facing challenges in future procurement, the global economy, sourcing materials, and the availability of skilled labour. I am pleased to see attention focused on removing constraints to accessing architectural education, such as course length and the associated student debt, as this could be excluding raw talent from entering the profession.


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