Associate Director

Philippa Nall

BA (Hons) DipArch RIBA

“I love to solve complex problems.”

I joined Watson Batty in 2022. As an associate director, the aim is to use skills gained from my previous experience in large mixed use, commercial developments and masterplanning, to help WBA expand its commercial sector and grow the mid to high rise residential offer.  Over the past 10 years, I have worked on some of the region’s most prestigious developments. I bring a wealth of knowledge in commercial development such as market trends, tenant needs, and project viability.  My main aim is to understand the client, finding solutions that work for their needs and build positive relationships.



Growing up on countless refurbishment projects as a child, drew me to the life of design and construction. Creating space is magical. I love to ‘see an idea’ and find the solution that works for a client to be transformed into a three-dimensional reality.

Spiralling building costs and budget constraints will be a tough challenge to overcome in this period of fighting climate change. I hope that highly trained and skilled architects don’t start to de-value themselves, but instead look for ways to fill the skills gaps appearing in the pursuit of clever, carbon neutral design.


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