Peter White

Managing Director


BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA


“Every commission brings the unexpected, and that never stops being a kick.”

“A directorial role is about layers of responsibility. While I still have a hands-on approach to my projects in the Retail, Transport and Manufacturing sectors, I have the additional function to develop, implement and review our strategic and operating plans, to deliver future growth for the Practice. I guess my 15 years here have given me the broad shoulders to cope with the scope of work.”

“And that’s not all. Maintaining exceptionally high standards in every facet of the business requires dedicated leaders to do the championing and policing. For my part, I head up our specialist teams, focusing on the emerging design theory and technologies that can help us solve new problems. I’ve also been Practice Quality Manager for a number of years, ensuring our ‘in-house’ standards of practice are second-to-none. I’m sure it helps that I’m a natural stickler.”

“No matter how wide I cast my professional net, the pure role of architect will always be my true passion. Seeing a project evolve on a piece of tracing paper, and then being constructed in a built form – that’s why I’m here and why I wouldn’t do anything else.”