Managing Director

Peter White

BA (Hons) DipArch RIBA

“Every commission brings the unexpected, and that never stops being a kick.”

I joined Watson Batty in 1999.

As managing director, I enjoy the privileged position of maintaining an overview of our entire team’s activities. I co-ordinate the whole practice and take responsibility for our quality auditing and performance. I balance my design work with a commercial commitment to plan and agree our strategic direction with the management team.

I dedicate my project time to providing responsive support to our long-standing clients in the retail, manufacturing, and food production sectors.




For over 25 years, I have been using my encyclopaedic knowledge of retail and manufacturing operations to act as the client’s guiding hand for successful project delivery. I’m fascinated with the efficient use of innovative technological solutions to improve production and distribution processes.

Like many in our profession, I thrive on solving problems, so beyond our creative contribution, I think architects should retain a central project management role as lead designer.




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