Neil Murray

BArch (Hons) DipArch RIBA

“I hope to see more purposeful renovation projects.”

I joined Watson Batty in April 2021.

My most enjoyable aspect of a project is client liaison and nurturing a long-lasting relationship. This helps me work out how best to meet their evolving needs long-term. I think through every aspect of a design to help test if the brief is well developed, robust, and addresses a client’s key priorities. I welcome site constraints, as they can offer the starting point for our design strategy.



I pursued architecture because I needed to understand how buildings were put together. The technical aspects of design continue to inspire me the most today, in all sectors. Designing to mitigate climate change offers opportunities for greater technical innovations. I hope to see less demolition in future as, with a little care, many older or unused buildings can be beautifully rejuvenated.


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