Daniel Lowe

BSc (Hons) MArch RIBA

“Nothing beats seeing the positive impacts of a completed scheme.”

I joined Watson Batty in July 2014.

I feel real excitement in making things. Not just in my professional life – making anything. I have a great appreciation for details, however small, and enjoy the process of organising and perfecting them. Aside from the intricacies of the physical process of making buildings, I am drawn to the human element of the work. As an architect, you get to interact with a huge range of interesting people and feel considerable commitment to the end users.


My time is mostly dedicated to the sport and leisure sector, as well as running projects in learning, extra care, transport, and the industrial sectors.

I am also co-sustainability lead where I am excited to be steering us towards becoming a Net-Zero business. I helped develop our sustainability strategy and am part of the cross-sector working group supporting staff as we make practical changes.


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