Architectural Assistant

Caitlin Boyd

BSc (Hons) MArch

“Creative thinking about the built environment can make a positive contribution to communities and society.”

I joined Watson Batty in October 2022.

I work in the education team on early-stage design work and feasibility drawings, having previously worked on residential projects and major supermarkets in the retail sector.

One of my passions is increasing awareness of how social and affordable housing design can have positive impacts on the end user. I researched this strategy for my master’s degree thesis, where I explored the creation of a new housing design guide manual.



My manual focused on the wellbeing and safety of the inhabitants, whilst discussing the potential impacts of dwelling design on an individual’s long-term livelihood and life plan.

Sustainable design and a greater emphasis on forward planning will help designers respond to the climate crisis and survive economic uncertainty. Sustaining both public and private sector clients will offer a wider range of projects.


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