Architectural Technologist

Andrew Glasby


“Embracing responsive technology is becoming ever more necessary.”

I joined Watson Batty in 2016.

I am a chartered architectural technologist running projects in the education, commercial, living, mental health, retail, and custodial sectors. Drawing and technology were my passions from an early age, so I pursued an architectural technologist role.

My remit is to combine functionality and form in the most feasible way using clever design and robust detailing.


To help us meet the Low Carbon Agenda and improve the delivery time and construction quality of our education projects, I am coordinating the design of modular solutions prefabricated off-site.

I am the compliance lead for the practice and am responsible for ensuring our work meets regulatory bodies’ processes and procedures, as well as our own design and quality standards. I help empower staff to be confident in pursuing innovation whilst consistently meeting their professional responsibilities.


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