Adam Hall

BA (Hons) BArch RIBA

“I am passionate about designing out waste and investigating the potential of available resources.”

I joined Watson Batty in September 2022.

From a young age, I seemed destined for an artistic creative career. I was always drawing pictures, scribbling ideas, and designing things. I am now an architect specialising in the residential, later living & care, commercial, leisure, and conservation sectors.

As I observe our profession’s relationship with climate change, I have become increasingly interested in the circular economy and how it applies to the creative use of construction resources in architecture.



I am keen to help our clients explore how we can better re-use existing buildings, components, and materials in exciting and cost-effective ways.

We are all on the road to Net-Zero, which demands our best efforts to be carbon neutral for the whole lifecycle of a building. The increasing cost and availability of materials, combined with the increasing scarcity of skilled labour, is making our profession rethink its approach.


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