Corporate Social Responsibility

As a practice, we recognise the importance of approaching Corporate Social Responsibility in a coordinated and committed manner to make a positive impact to our clients, the community, our partners and the environment.

Through our culture, our work in the community and both our environmental and ethical policies, we strive to ensure our part in CSR is brought to the attention of our staff at all times. We encourage the utmost efforts both as individuals and as a company to operate in an ethical manner, both currently and as a future focus of the practice.

The nature of our work makes our impact on the environment at the forefront of how we operate, and we subscribe to the concept of environmentally aware design, supporting the activities of the entire development team in meeting this objective. Through our design approach we are committed to reducing the impact of our own activities on the environment and raising the awareness of this to our staff, external clients, subcontractors and suppliers. Furthermore, it is in our best interest to achieve client satisfaction and retention through a commitment to policies of good practice and service, and adhere to Statutory and Regulatory requirements in doing so.

Being future focused, we value diversity in the workplace and believe in caring for our employees and work experience students, encouraging continual learning and development opportunities across the business. As a firm and as individual staff members, we understand the significant impact we can have on the community and are therefore dedicated to being a responsible contributing member of society both through financial and active support.

Watson Batty Architects annually support RIBA’s Student Mentoring programme. From our Midlands office in Loughborough we provide formal mentoring support to RIBA Part 1 students at the Leicester School of Architecture, De Montfort University. This is in collaboration with the RIBA East Midlands regional office. On each occasion we undertake to provide two or three students each academic year with office / practice experience, site visits, an opportunity to attend project / client meetings and an insight into the working life of an architectural practice. This takes place over the course of each academic year and involves a minimum of three dedicated half day events in addition to providing ongoing contact / accessibility with each allocated student. We are committed as a practice to supporting the future of our profession and the next generation of architects.

For further details on our CSR company policy, please download through the following link:

We are aware of the importance of CSR and will remain proactive in ensuring this policy is reviewed on an annual basis to align with the changing social and environmental requirements.