Middleton Extra Care Scheme

The scheme aims to provide comfortable and secure Extra Care accommodation, for 48no. 1 and 12no. 2-bed apartments over 3 storeys. The proposals for the extra care facility will provide easy access for people with disabilities and emergency services, clear definition of internal space, and will deter crime – the building faces onto the main road with windows facing onto the road; and car parking is visible from a number of the homes to the rear. Accessed by the public from the main road, the landscaped frontage to the building uses colour and direction to promote priority to pedestrians. Residents access the building from a separate entrance to the rear, adjacent to the resident’s car park and drop-off area. The scale of the building has been designed to integrate within the existing surrounding context.

Whilst designed as a 3 storey building the second floor of the north to south wing has been set back from the main road frontage, with the east to west building element set within the site, furthest away from the surrounding context.

The use of a flat roof to the building greatly assists in reducing the overall impact of the facility adjacent to the bungalows and general needs housing. It also provides an opportunity for additional external space accessed from within the building, utilising landscape and pergola features to break up the space and provide defined areas for quiet reflection, as well as areas to meet and be active, in addition to areas for the use of the whole community under managed supervision.

Architecturally the building incorporates contrasting red and grey brick colours, tones and textures with areas of relief around windows and balconies, including additional glazing, creating shadow lines to break up massing along with fretted metal panels and cladding to the 3rd floor.

Client:Leeds City Council
Contractor:Wates Construction
Service: Architecture
Sector: Living