Steven Horsman


“Our work results in a physical output, to be seen and used long after our involvement ceases.”

I joined Watson Batty in 1993.

As an associate, I work primarily as project lead on commercial, industrial, retail, and education schemes. I focus on the technical aspects of projects ensuring the specification details are executed correctly.

I uphold our design quality standards, undertaking internal technical reviews and guiding the team to achieve high standards. I have been site-based undertaking inspections and project management of site works on large schemes. I can offer my technical expertise externally too, having worked with specialist claims consultants and legal teams.



I am most interested in detailing and material choices. These are critical for better long-term building performance, as we need to adapt construction to meet ever-increasing issues with energy use and material shortages. Simple buildability is best. I encourage the team to physically witness our design information being built, as it’s of huge benefit to continuous learning.


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