Scott Lunn



BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA


“My role is multifaceted, and it’s this variety and richness that keeps it compelling.”

“My initiation into the Practice was a true baptism by fire. Joining as an Architectural Assistant in 2003 (while I was still a student), I won an internal competition to design our Leeds head office. It was an amazing opportunity, and the building went on to win awards for its design and sustainability.

After such a flying start, I wanted more and greater challenges. So I got stuck into anything and everything. I’ve worked on countless projects and built a breadth of knowledge and experience that has given me the versatility to work across many sectors and aspects of the Practice. From producing the largest masterplans to the most detailed construction drawings, I love it all. Recently, I’ve developed a deep understanding of planning matters, which involves a sensitive approach to complex and sometimes delicate issues.

Another predominant responsibility is driving Practice marketing. Chiefly, I co-ordinate our branding, social media output and on-line presence. A talent for Graphic Design helps here, and ensuring brand synergy across the various teams and locations is my constant crusade.”

“Beyond, day-to-day work, I have a broader involvement with the architecture industry, with sustainability issues and support for students sitting foremost in my mind..”