Stephen Bush




M: 07773 784625

“My natural curiosity of how things work and go together lies at the heart of my professional expertise..”

“Even though it was quite a while ago now, I’m one of the few people who can confidently give the date they started work at the Practice, and that was 8/8/88.

Previously, I had worked as a Technologist at a number of private architectural practices, gaining experience in detailing Retail and Commercial projects. This foundation proved to be a solid one. Now, I’m central to the company operations team, and my key skill is giving the technical support in detailing and delivering all manner of projects. Over the years, I’ve worked on private homes to multi-million-pound developments, and I’ve delved into many sectors. But my strong suit has been working on assisted living and educational premises. This phase in my career saw me coordinating a six-year Local Authority framework agreement, covering over 120 projects.

My day-to-day tasks involve safety, DDA, internal environment, external environment, legislation, budgets, procurement and project management. It’s certainly a complex jigsaw puzzle, but I never fail to get a buzz from bringing all the elements together.”